Pastoral TEAM

  • James Plank

    Senior Pastor

    Pastor Plank has pastored at Beavertown Church since 1994. He and his wife Marie are blessed with two children, Jamison and Jennifer. Pastor Plank also serves as the General Secretary of the Interchurch Holiness Convention and the Vice President of the Outreach and Bus Convention. He has been heard on the weekly broadcast, “Heritage and Hope,” since 1996.

    Phone: 570-765-0578


  • Solomon Shaffer

    Associate Pastor

    Pastor Shaffer has pastored at Beavertown Church since 2016. He and his wife Joanne are blessed with three boys and two girls, Reagan, Lincoln, Remington, Liberty and Israella. Before coming to Beavertown, Pastor Shaffer pastored in Alexandria, Pennsylvania.  He is tireless in his pursuit of the work of the Lord.  He and his wife are loved by all.  Pastor Shaffer serves on the board of Penn View Bible Institute.

    Phone: 570-541-9538




    Pastor Nick Rine serves as our Associate Pastor for Outreach.  He and his wife Lynnette have been in Administration/Staff at Penn View Bible Institute and formerly served on the Pastoral Team of the Evangelical Methodist Church in Richfield, Pennsylvania.  They have one daughter, Savannah.  Pastor Rine is a 5th generation member of Beavertown Church.  His great-grandfather, J.T. Carroll, served as Senior Pastor from 1966-1973.


    Youth Pastor

    Pastor Cameron Going serves as our Youth Pastor.  A recent graduate of God's Bible School and College, he and his wife Khara are welcome members of our team.  Pastor Going grew up in Greenfield, Indiana.  His wife, Khara, grew up in Eldorado Springs, Missouri.  They met in Bible College and were married in the summer of 2021.  

  • John Gilley


    Pastor Gilley has been helping us as Online Pastor since 2019. He and his wife Cathy are blessed with one daughter, Shyann. Pastor Gilley was a successful pastor in Fredonia, Michigan for many years, but was forced to retire due to Multiple Sclerosis that has made him quadriplegic. Due to technological advancements, we are blessed to have him part of the team as our Online Pastor. If you have a physical or spiritual need and would like prayer, you are welcome to text or call him anytime.

    Phone: 570-600-8456