Beavertown Church:

Where Exciting Things are Always Happening!

Check out our list of important dates, mark your calendar, and plan to join us! 

Beavertown Church offers many events for all ages.

Important Dates

May 28:

Pentecost Sunday

May 28:

Ministry Spotlight:

Evangelism Mission • Rodney Keister

(Included in 6:30 PM service)

May 29:

Memorial Day

May 30-June 2:

Vacation Bible School

June 2:

Wedding Day

Susannah Walter to Jordan Bennett

Sunbury God's Missionary Church

June 10:

Wedding Day

Jaletta Nell to Kyle Richardson

June 11:



10 AM, 6:30 PM

June 12-16:

Youth Camp

June 18:

Father's Day Services

10:00 AM, 6:30 PM

June 19-26

Youth Missions Trip

Colorado Springs

July 4:

Independence Day

July 13-24:

Youth Missions Trip


July 19:

Communion Service

7:30 PM

July 19-21:

Kids Camp

July 22:

Penns Creek Camp Workday

June 24-25:

General Conference

July 28-August 6:

Penns Creek Camp Meeting

August 16-18

High School and Elementary Registration

Penn View Christian Academy

August 23-24

College Registration

Penn View Bible Institute

August 25:

Penn View Welcome Rally

September 5-10

Central Pennsyvlania

InterChurch Holiness Convention

September 11-15

School Revival

September 22:

Penn View Grandparents Day

September 29:

Wedding Day

Kyle Markel to Jessica Hunter

October 31-November 5:

Beavertown Revival

Don Raines, preaching

Jeff Stratton Family, singing

November 9-10


Penn View Bible Institute and Christian Academy

November 19:

Thanksgiving Service

6:30 PM

November 22:

Thanksgiving Eve Prayer

Family and Private Prayer 7-9 PM